Service Routine

Our weekly pool service includes: full chemistry check, chemistry balancing, skimming of the pool, brushing tile, emptying of skimmer and pump baskets, filter cleaning (once a month), salt cell cleaning (as needed) and stabilizer treatments (2x per year). Your service technician will notify you when it is time to drain and/or add fresh water to your pool. Total Dissolved Solids are recorded monthly. Customers are also notified when their pool requires additional attention and/or further diagnosing.

Weekly Service Report

Pool Kings customers receive a detailed status report on the day of their service visit. Service reports are delivered via email and include technician arrival and departure times, primary chemical readings, a routine performance check list, technician comments, and photo’s taken upon completion of service. Customers can respond to their service reports with questions or concerns regarding the status of their pool. All service reports are kept on file and can be requested at any time.

Full Chem. Check Every Visit

Water Chemistry is our specialty! Our routine chemistry check that is performed each week detects levels of Chlorine, Calcium, Stabilizer, pH, and Total Dissolved Solids. With today’s technology we are able to create custom service plans that cater towards individual pool’s and spa’s along with their equipment. All chemistry readings are recorded and included in our weekly service reports. Chemistry readings are routinely checked by our pool experts in order to ensure proper care and diagnosis of all accounts.

Quality Products & Service

Pool Kings of Palm Beach provides the best water quality using the fewest chemicals possible. We use professional grade products that are powerful, concentrated, and safe! Please visit to learn more about some of the products that we use. All of our chemicals are carefully measured and properly dosed promoting the longevity of our customers pool equipment and surface. Pool Kings technicians are required to complete a 4 week training course and obtain CPO Certification within their first year of employment. Our staff frequently attends educational seminars related to water chemistry, pool equipment, and recent innovations within the pool industry.

Online Service Estimate

Interested in becoming a Pool Kings Service Customer? We provide free service estimates for residential and commercial properties located in Palm Beach and Broward County. Call our office today to schedule a service estimate with one of our pool experts! All potential customer’s will receive a formal service proposal with details regarding the cost of our services and what is included.

Online Service Estimate
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